OCW membership is at capacity, we are not accepting new members at this time.  

Anyone interested in being an OCW member is required to complete the 'Woodshop Basics' course prior to coming to the shop to work on their projects. New members will be given additional information on OCW rules and procedures during one of their first visits to the shop. For more info, please contact

The shop is a place for you to work on your own projects big and small. Whether you're an occasional hobbyist, or a serious woodworker, there is a variety of membership formats to best suit your and your project's needs.

During operating hours, the shop is staffed by helpful, knowledgeable and highly experienced supervisors ready to ensure you have a safe and productive time. 

Community Membership 

Community members have access to the shop during any of our community operating hours Monday - Wednesday, 5:30 - 10:00pm and Sunday, 9:00am - 6:00pm, about 100 hours per month. 

Memberships are based on a 1 month time frame. 

All community members are required to undergo the Woodshop Basics course prior to becoming members.