Shop Rules

The OCW is a shop that thrives on community, cooperation and respect. Please review our shop rules prior to getting involved in any activity at the shop. 

These rules are here to protect all of us at the shop. Safety is a big priority for us, and maintaining high safety standards is integral for the well-being of the shop and its occupants. Failure to adhere to these rules could be grounds for dismissal and revocation of membership or course activity. Please follow along for the good of us all.

Above all else, never do anything you're not 100% confident in, or comfortable with.

  • Always be considerate, and bring a good attitude in to the shop. We're all here to help, grow and learn.
  • Never use any tools you weren't trained on or are uncomfortable with. Seek help from a supervisor or instructor prior to use. 
  • Listen to your supervisors or instructors. They're here to keep you safe and their word is law in our walls.
  • Always wear eye protection when operating any machinery.
  • Ensure long hair is tied back, and any loose clothing or jewelry is tucked in when operating machinery.
  • All power and sanding tools must be operated with dust collection activated.
  • Do not cut metal or any synthetic materials on the shop tools. This is a woodshop after all.
  • Don't disturb or interrupt others when they are operating power tools. Only step in if they have asked for help or are in imminent danger.
  • Do not listen to headphones when operating power tools. It's important to be able to hear what's going on.
  • If you're bringing your own wood in to the shop, check with a supervisor or instructor prior to storing or cutting it.
  • Never machine wood that is toxic, moldy, or contains lead paint. Reclaimed wood can often be sketchy. 
  • Members and students are to clean up whatever mess they made during their use of the shop. Do your part.
  • Use vacuums, and brushes and brooms to clean machinery and to clean up after yourself. 
  • If there are any issues with any equipment, notify supervisors immediately and stop using that tool. 
  • Scrap wood should be placed in designated locations. Anything under 12" in length should be disposed of.
  • Ensure your work is put away in your designated shelf space and do not leave work in other places in the shop unless given permission to do so.