How we're keeping you safe

We're excited to welcome you to the Ottawa City Woodshop, and wouldn't be doing so unless we felt we were able to take the necessary precautionary measures to operate as safely as possible. These are the practices we must follow to comply with the red-control zone rules.  

In order to remain operating in a safe and responsible way, we all have responsibilities. Outlined below are responsibilities we're taking, and requirements we have for participation in activities at the OCW.

  • Proof of Vaccination. In accordance with Ontario rules, OCW will be requiring proof of Covid vaccination for Community Woodshop members and supervisors and for participants in and instructors of OCW courses. 
  • Capacity Limits. We limit the number of students in our classes in accordance with provincial guidelines. During membership hours, we will admit a maximum of 8 members at any time.  
  • Mandatory masks. All students and members will be required to wear face coverings in the shop. Not only is this generally good practice in a woodshop, but it's especially critical now. All members will be required to provide their own. Students are strongly encouraged to bring their own, but we will also have some surgical mask back ups in the event you may have forgotten yours to ensure everyone's mouth/nose is covered. 
  • Hand sanitizing upon entry. We have ample hand sanitizer for all to sanitize your hands upon entering the shop.