Matt Wallace & Michael Grigoriev
The Ottawa City Woodshop is founded by two designers, woodworkers and friends. Matt Wallace is a graphic designer turned furniture builder behind na Coille Studio. Michael Grigoriev is a product and user experience designer with a history of creative community building. With a shared appreciation for quality goods, craftsmanship, local materials and the city's history, the OCW was born in May, 2015. 


The OCW is honoured to be supported by a team of incredible supervisors and volunteers ensuring the shop is a productive, inspiring, welcoming and safe environment for all. These highly capable, qualified and experienced individuals are always in the shop helping our members and ensuring we run a tight ship. 
Ryan Smith 
As a local high school shop teacher, Ryan knows his way around newcomers to woodworking. A wealth of knowledge and patience, we often recommend new members drop in on Fridays to get their safety training from Ryan. He's also one of a few of our supervisors who's very lathe savvy so if you're keen on getting your turning game going, you know who to talk to.
Jared Klassen 
During his day job, Jared works in international development. His background in woodworking started out as a hobby until he worked in a cabinet shop for 5 years. He has an extensive background with power tools, and has built furniture (desks, coffee tables and end tables) and home theatre speakers.
Declan Thomas 
Long before Declan was covered in sawdust, he was covered in flour. The former chef turned woodworker rebooted his career and studied in Algonquin College's Cabinet Making program. He's out of the kitchens and now plies his trade restoring the woodwork and cabinetry in some of the city's finest pieces of architecture. 
Matt Jerabek 
Matt studied Cabinet making at Algonquin College and graduated with honours. He's an incredibly helpful, patient, knowledgeable chap. With a keen eye for design and aesthetics, Matt tries to carefully balance traditional woodworking with non-traditional applications.
 Arthur Visser 
Arthur is an Architectural Technician who designs and installs office interiors (and even microhomes!) for an array of companies and individuals around town. Whether he's making toys for his nephew, or building great new storage for the shop, Arthur's super easy to talk to and always keen to lend a hand.