Modern Hardwood Hallway Bench (Oct 24, Nov 7 & 9)

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Course Dates 
Thursday, October 24 & November 7, 6:00 - 9:30pm
Saturday November 9th 9:00 - 1:00pm


Matt Wallace

Matt Wallace is co-founder of the Ottawa City Woodshop and the master craftsman behind nacoille studio. Matt emphasizes using all local materials and is a big fan of our majestic local hardwoods, which you'll be using for your bench. 

Soon enough the holidays will be upon us, and I know in our home, seating is always limited. Why not come to the OCW and build a beautiful modern bench. Each piece will be built using locally felled and salvaged white oak, red oak or elm from 100-year-old church pews. Over 3 consecutive Wednesdays, you will go from learning basic woodworking theory, including joinery, how to dress your wood properly and how to properly glue up panels, right through to the finer side of finishing. Couples or teams (of 2 max) are welcome to work together on the same table.

Final bench dimensions will be approximately 15" x 42". 

Courses are transferable to another person, but are non-refundable. Please ensure they work with your schedule.